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Arche Law & Consultancy is established in January 2022. Indeed, our firm is young and we are proud of it! Every young entrepreneur may experience problems throughout their practice. The good news is, we are experiencing it, too! Thus, we can understand the stress and effort behind entrepreneurs’ hard work.

As it is our first principle, we believe in the power of the solution. Our aim is to support and conduct due diligence regarding their elements and structures while being detail-oriented, evolving, sustainable, and adaptable.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Thus, we try to learn and keep ourselves up-to-date every single day. We are open to every challenge because we know that every challenge is another lesson to learn.

Our practice is focused on start-ups’ struggles. Startups tend to focus on their work, however, there is so much to pay attention like corporate and HR structure, funding, network, finding possible incentives, and simple procedures. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur has to do everything by themselves. At this point, we are here for you.


Bahar Sahin

Founder, Attorney-at-Law 

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From initial contact with us to the resolution of your case, our team guarantees that your case will be handled with care. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions!

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