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Arbitration & ADR

Disputes are a part of everyday work. Yet, when it is about the start-up, it needs more attention to detail and the solution has to be efficient. Start-ups need to have an alternative solution that is fast and effective.

Did you know?

“International arbitration is the preferred method of resolving cross-border disputes for 90% of respondents, either on a stand-alone basis (31%) or in conjunction with ADR (59%).”


As Arche Law & Consultancy, we conduct national and international arbitration proceedings. We are involved in every part of the way: at first, we explain what is ADR in detail and we make applications to the appropriate authority. After initiating the proceedings, we conduct written and oral stages of arbitration. Finally, after the decision is made, we carry out the enforcement and recognition processes or if necessary we request for annulment of the decision from the appropriate authority.

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