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When an entrepreneur starts a business and builds a company, it is generally frustrating finding different problems and not being able to solve everything at once. It is a process and the problems will be resolved eventually. However, some problems are hard to detect in a structure, and resolving it maybe is even harder.

Did you know?

In case of breach of data security, which is a part of compliance services, the revaluation rate was determined as 36.20% in 2022 and an administrative fine of 40,183 TL - 2,678,866 TL is in question.

As Arche Law & Consultancy we are focused on start-ups and their structures. We conduct due diligence and find the problems that are embedded in the details. By due diligence, we reveal the structural problems, risks, and the areas that needs more attention than others, for instance HR, corporate governance, compliance with the competition law, media bans, and feedback mechanisms.

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